Need Excavation Services in Ooltewah & Chattanooga, TN?

Need Excavation Services in Ooltewah & Chattanooga, TN?

Let our experts get your construction site ready

Once you've cleared your property, it's time to get started on site prep. You'll need a contractor to dig out the footer for your foundation and space for your water line, sewer line and septic tank. Rocky Top Industries in Ooltewah and Chattanooga, TN offers the excavation services you need. You can trust our experts to set your new construction project up for success.

Call us today if you need excavation services.

The benefits of hiring local excavators

If you're ready to start excavating your property, you'll want to find local excavators. A team of locals:

  • Will understand the lay of the land
  • Will know what to expect from soil composition
  • Can dispose of leftover debris and dirt safely

We have the equipment to deal with any irregularities in soil composition like heavy clay or rocks and won't have any trouble with disposal. If you're looking for local excavators, email us now.